1 December 2019 – Advent Sunday

This morning I am playing for Mass at The French Church (St Paul’s, Portarlington) for Advent Sunday. It is the beginning of the Church’s Year. They hymns I have chosen link to the readings (Year A of the Revised Common Lectionary) and also for Advent in general.

  • Opening Hymn: ICH 118 – Behold, the mountain of the Lord
  • For Psalm 122 – ICH 506 – Pray that Jerusalem may have
  • Gradual Hymn – ICH 140 – The Lord will come and not be slow
  • Communion Hymn – ICH 127 – Hark, what a sound, and too divine for hearing 
  • Final Hymn – ICH 135 – O come, O come Emmanuel

There were two changes of tune from that set in the Irish Church Hymnal: Hymn 506 was sung to St Columba, a firm favourite with the congregation; Hymn 140 was sung to Kingsfold, three double verses seems not as long as six verses.

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