The Eucharist is not adiaphora. It is not something extra…

[The Eucharist] is not adiaphora. It is not something extra. It is our identity. We are the people who eat together with God. Lest we somehow miss the carnality of this feast, Jesus said, “This is my body.” It is tangible and visceral; hands touch and tongues taste. It happens in human bodies. The value of touch is not a product of our theology, but the foundation of it. We encounter God in the flesh. We meet one another in the flesh so that, even when our minds are at odds, we learn from our bodies. We state, with word and deed, that we are concretely and physically one body. And, although we abstain from physical meeting right now, we must not forget that physical meeting is our identity – just as God incarnate is our inspiration.

The rest of the article can be read at the link above. I must admit that I have heard all sorts of ideas about how we as a church ought to be celebrating the Eucharist. I’ve even heard reports of ‘Bring Your Own Bread’ being suggested in some places. This is not how Christians do as the Lord commanded.

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