Church News Ireland brought to you by the hard work of journalists. Credit is due to them.

Today’s Church News Ireland (seen at comes to you thanks to the hard work of:

Marie Louise Connolly, of The Irish News for the article, “West Belfast priest thanks those who came to his aid when he collapsed during bike ride” – See the original article here

Gillian Anderson, of the Belfast Telegraph, for the article “Council call to preserve Irish hymn writer’s home”. See the original article at

The World Council of Churches for the article “WCC invites youth to Stewards Programme for 11th Assembly in 2022”. See the original at

The Telegraph Obituaries for the article “Pipe Major Tony Crease, who has died aged 74, led the
Pipes & Drums of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards as Pipe Major to the top of the hit parade with the band’s rendition of Amazing Grace” which can be seen (behind a paywall) at

The above writers and publications have not been referenced in CNI.

It is pleasing to see that both Bishop Graham Usher and Bishop Donal McKeown have had their articles stated as being by them. Even if only one has the original place of publication noted (Graham Usher, in the Church Times (2021-02-25). Bishop McKeown’s article can be seen at

It is worth noting that all of the sites above give options to those viewing them to share the news. That means that full credit is given but you are sharing the news more widely.

I note that Dr McKelvey

was educated at Muckamore Primary School, the Royal Belfast Academical Institution; The Queen’s University in Belfast from which he has a primary honours degree in geography and a Masters in Education; Trinity College, Dublin – theology; and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Methodist seminary at North-Western University, Evanston, Illinois.

“Retirement of Dean of Belfast”,

I am sure that Dr McKelvey would be upset if someone tried to pass his work off as their own in an academic context. Why is it ok for it to be done in his daily magazines?

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