PortInfo-2021 website achieves Merit in Milestone 1 project

At the beginning of February, I had to submit my first Milestone Project of my Diploma in Software Development course with Code Institute. I used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, Adobe Fonts, Font Awesome, TinyPNG, MarkDown, and GitHub to create the site.

I chose to create a local information page about the town in which I now live. It contains key useful information about the town, that is information about local facilities:

  • banking,
  • church,
  • food,
  • fuel,
  • leisure, and
  • pharmacy.

Each section is has a background colour that is used in both the navigation and on the information sections.

I had great fun completing the project.

I was greatly pleased to find out that I had achieved a Merit in the project.

You can see the live site at https://michaelmcfarlandcampbell.github.io/portcominfo/index.html

Anyone who wants to see the GitHub repository can see it at https://github.com/michaelmcfarlandcampbell/portcominfo

I hope to continue with the site and make it a fully functioning one alongside the other work in the course.

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