The Memento Mori Rosary

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A meditative prayer by Fr Sam McNally-Cross Memento Mori – Remember, you shall die. Introduction This is quite a personal post for me to write, but it is something that I have been gradually putting together over the past few months, maybe even a year or so. A few Christmases ago I was at the doctors seeking help for a mental health condition of severe health anxiety. Hypochondria, once called, has been reclassified in more recent years as a legitimate mental health condition that can include physical as well as psychosomatic symptoms. Mine manifest… Continue reading The Memento Mori Rosary

For the love of God, don’t sacrifice the poor.

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An article appeared on 24th May 2020 in the Sunday Times purporting to be privy to a recent House of Bishops meeting, in which the new Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, was given a national portfolio to look at the future shape of the Church of England, which could result in fewer dioceses and a reduction in the number of Bishops. Whilst it appears that this article is inaccurate and has been refuted by some Bishops (notably Bishop Philip North, Burnley and Bishop Pete Broadbent, Willesden) on social media, it is not… Continue reading For the love of God, don’t sacrifice the poor.

Third Sunday after Epiphany

This morning, I am playing for the Eucharist in the Parish Church of St John the Evangelist, Monasterevin, Co. Kildare at 10 a.m.. The four hymns that I have chosen for the service are: 362 – O God beyond all praising  219 – From heav’n you came, helpless babe  593 – O Jesus, I have promised to serve thee to the end;  199 – The people that in darkness walked  They are all from the Church Hymnal, Fifth Edition, published 2000. The service will be Order Two from the Book of Common Prayer, 2004 of the Church of Ireland. Continue reading Third Sunday after Epiphany